About Me

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I believe that within everyone there is the most amazing beauty and potential, and by bringing your full and authentic self to the world both you and the world are enriched.  

I was a senior leader within organisations for over 25 years. During this time I led teams through both great times and really tough times, and through the latter I realised that leadership is all about people, period. I became a devoted leader to my people, dedicating myself to helping them embrace new possibilities and realise their potential.  

Developing others always felt like both a joy and privilege, and I decided to grow my skills and train as an Integral Development Coach. After qualifying I felt a deep calling to devote myself to coaching and left my leadership role to set up a coaching practice, where I am committed to helping others unlock the unique gifts that lie within them.

I live in Surrey with my husband Colum and we have a wonderful grown up son Michael who is studying in Dublin. I am a passionate lover of poetry and reading, find deep joy in tending my garden, and am an avid explorer and traveller.  

I am committed to supporting organisations and communities through voluntary work, and coach pro bono within small grass-roots charities. As an associate member of the International Coaching Federation I embrace the highest ethical and quality standards set by the coaching profession.

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"Tricia’s coaching had a massive impact on me, helping me to find, understand and embrace all of myself and set a direction of travel for my life." - Helen W, Recruitment Manager