My Offering

I am a loving and caring coach who creates a safe place where the whole of you is welcomed, and where you are supported with compassion, strength and a peppering of laughter and joy.

The method of coaching I am dedicated to is deeply transformational. You are guided in exploring the stories that are holding you back, and expanding into new and authentic ways of being.

An individual development programme is designed for you, and as you reflect and take up new practices you will begin to open into wider possibilities. There is no quick win, the magic is created through sustained practices that build the awareness and skills you need to initiate and embed lasting change.

Wherever you are in your life journey, getting to know your truth is not always easy. I walk alongside you throughout, ensuring you have the support and encouragement you need to sustain you through the coaching and beyond.

Coaching can take place on Zoom, or, when the Covid-19 situation allows, face-to-face. I have a lovely coaching space in Woking where we can meet in private, and there is woodland nearby where we can walk together. 

If you are would like to have a conversation about whether this may be the right coaching approach for you, it would be lovely to speak to you.

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"Tricia's coaching took me on a voyage of discovery that unlocked the key to my real development and growth. She did this with such great empathy and gentle care, allowing me to move at my own speed."  - Alex V, Programmes Leader