I have had the privilege of coaching individuals at all stages of their life and career; from young people venturing out into the world for the first time, through to managers, leaders and CEO's. Below are some testimonials that give you a flavour of the coaching experience I offer my clients.


There is coaching and then there is Tricia’s coaching: a wholesome, truly empowering and enriching experience that has left me grounded and able to act from a place of deep appreciation and strength. Tricia’s compassionate challenge helped me harness my inner power and become a more self-assured person and leader. I would definitely recommend her integral coaching approach and I’ll be forever grateful to have made this journey.

Anna D - Organisational Development Leader

Tricia has great insight and was able to help me reflect deeply and to get to the root of issues - which often proved to be different to what I had first thought. I benefited significantly from her integral coaching approach. My personal programme had a clear purpose and outcomes, all of which were realised and more; and the self-reflection, practices and reading were all relevant, beneficial and thought provoking. Tricia cares deeply and adapted to my needs. I have always felt safe and looked after, even in the most vulnerable moments.

Alison G - Senior Leader

Tricia has taken me on a journey of discovery on why and how I lead, by providing a safe place to reflect. In the process I have been encouraged and challenged to be a better person and leader. What I have realised is that not only have I benefited, the people that I service have grown and benefited too.

Ant H - Charity CEO

Tricia is a truly gifted coach. She has the ability to peel away the layers to get to the heart of behaviours, transforming self-awareness. And she does this with patience, care and kindness; never judging. Tricia has definitely helped me be a better version of myself - and crucially she has also left me with the skills to self-help and continue to grow myself.

Claire T - Charity Director

I could not have wished for a better guide on my journey than Tricia. It was the most transformative experience, enabling me to be my best self, accept who I am and what I offer, and embrace my place in the world. My coaching sessions focussed on accessing and embracing my deeper emotions and understanding the impact they have on my actions. I have taken that teaching with me in a way I have not been able to with other coaching, because it touched me at a much deeper level. Both my personal and work relationships and approach have truly benefited. I cannot recommend Tricia highly enough.

Joanna M - Education Director

I have got so much out of working with Tricia. Each session felt like a subtle yet significant breakthrough into a new way of seeing myself and the world and I have found a more kind and compassionate voice towards myself. I love how Tricia blends her deep wisdom with a light, humorous touch and an infectious love for the world. Whenever she shared a new perspective to reframe my story, it felt poignant and spot on, helping me to softly lean into reality and possibilities, to guide myself in the right direction, and make wiser decisions. I started the programme with walls built high around me, and I finish knowing that I can safely bring them down and become something wilder and more beautiful. Thank you endlessly, Tricia!

Kerry S - Mindfulness Coach

Until I started coaching with Tricia I had literally been in the dark. I was living this unconscious life, obsessed with functioning and performing for others, and certainly not nurturing the soul. The generosity of spirit and patience that Tricia has shown has been infinite and precious, helping me consciously unravel time past and poor habits and start making the right decisions for the right reasons. There has been much laughter and that too I value greatly. Tricia has brought me into the light of knowing and understanding which is probably the most valuable gift you can receive. 

Martha W - Charity CEO

I would recommend Tricia’s coaching to everyone (and have to most of my friends!) I found Tricia to be a wonderful guide and I loved her use of poetry and art to further explain different questions, emotions or conversations. Through coaching with her I was able to clarify important decisions, understand myself better and be more aware in my actions and decisions so that, ultimately, I can live in a way that feels authentic to me.

Miranda R - Charity Worker

I feel that coaching with Tricia really made me grow into my adult self.  I learned to value and trust my instincts and with Tricia’s guidance and compassion, reflected on how past experiences and relationships influenced my responses daily.  Realising and releasing the emotions I was holding enabled me to feel empowered to challenge, question, release guilt and be true to myself.  It wasn’t always easy, but most definitely something I would recommend and I have come away with the skills and practises to continue the journey in being the authentic me.

Sue T - Charity Worker

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"Working with Tricia has given me the confidence to become the leader I want to be - I have learned to be the true me"  - Sarah Y, Charity Director